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21st June 2012

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The most unique cover of Mr. Brightside you will hear today.

I love it, and I have fallen so hard for this band.

The band is called Monsters Calling Home. They’re from Los Angeles. They’re currently supporting Anberlin on their acoustic tour.

They are fantastic, and are basically the cutest band in the world - they were frantically burning more copies of their CD to sell at the show last night because they sold out.

This is why I didn’t mind paying $10 for a burned CD that has seven songs on it - because they are working really hard to get themselves out there, they literally rely on the sales to get gas in their car for the tour, and they deserve it.

I am such a fan of this band right now, honestly, but like… support bands, buy music. When bands like this go out of their way to get their music to you, the least you can do is compensate them for it.

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    I’m already a huge fan of covers, but oh god, this is so beautiful.
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    Mr. Brightside (Acoustic Cover) - Monsters Calling Home
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    This is legit good.
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